Amaki Sally is fighting a rather hilarious censorship war against her own company

The adventures of Amaki Sally against the company and staff of her group 22/7 has been previously documented. It’s always been entertaining and fun and I figured it was at least a tad of an exaggeration for the sake of humor. However, the group’s management has actually been deleting tweets she’s made behind her back, like ones about being a ‘weeby crackhead’.

That censorship was apparently the last straw, as she took to Twitter to complain.

The reason I have to put that as an image is because it too was deleted.

So she later went back to the tried and true method of working English in bizarre font between totally normal Japanese.

While this is outstanding content … I’m suddenly worried that the hammer is about to drop on her social media sooner than later.

Oh well, if that’s the case, at least we had this mess.

Bonus video of Sally having a stan breakdown over a photobook.


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