LABOUM’s Solbin apologizes after … well, being captured shouting to BTS’s Jin on V Live

LABOUM‘s Solbin recently took to Instagram in order to apologize for what happened a V Live broadcast she was getting criticism for. Following her last ‘Music Bank‘ episode as MC, LABOUM got on V Live, and the incident that drew criticism is her response to BTS‘s Jin greeting her.

Towards the end of the broadcast, Jin knocked on the door and told her in an informal tone, “Good work!” The LABOUM members said goodbye to fans for the end of the broadcast, and Solbin can be heard saying informally as she walks out the door, “Hey Kim Seok Jin,” referring to Jin’s real name. Netizens criticized this, accusing her for showing off their close relationship on broadcast on purpose.

Thus, due to the criticism, she felt compelled to release an apology.

On June 11, she posted on Instagram and first thanked everyone for her time as a “Music Bank” MC, which came to an end on June 8. She began, “I was so happy to be a ‘Music Bank’ MC for a year and 10 months, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who have helped me and given me lots of love. Thank you so much.”

She wrote, “I would also like to express my apologies to everyone who was hurt and uncomfortable by my careless actions during the V Live broadcast after my last episode. I will work to show a more mature side of myself from now on. Thank you.”

Honestly, most of the international fans of BTS I saw talking to this seemed to be happy about the interaction, thinking it was cute, but clearly that wasn’t the case with the Korean fans.

Some are now claiming that it’s primarily an honorific thing, but we don’t know their relationship or how he felt about it. So let’s just be real, for those mad at her this is primarily about her potentially being close with him, as evidenced by many people who criticize her mentioning her showing off. And that’s … fucking stupid.


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