Han Seo Hee says she met BTS’s V at club when underage, then backtracks, and a model’s agency denies everything

In what is essentially a media fantasy come true, messy-ass not-a-feminist-now Han Seo Hee went on Instagram Live recently and answered a question about BTS, mentioning that when she was 19 she saw member V at a club and model Kim Ki Bum brought him.

During the Instagram Live, someone asked her if she likes BTS. Han Seo Hee answered, “I’m not at the age to like EXO and BTS.” She continued, “When I was 19 (Korean reckoning) I went to a club with BTS’s V. My close friend at the time, model Kim Ki Bum, brought V.” In response to questions she explained, “I didn’t invite him, so what does it matter if I go. I never invited him. I got a table and then V came. I’m telling it like it is, I just saw him and nothing happened. From my situation I couldn’t tell someone who came to leave; I couldn’t do anything.”

People then asked if V was a minor when he went to the club, and she said that she was but she didn’t know about him.

When asked if V was a minor (one needs to be 20 in Korean reckoning to be able to go to a club) when he went, she replied, “I went to clubs a lot when I was minor, but I don’t know about him. However, when netizens pointed out that Han Seo Hee, model Kim Ki Bum, and V are all the same age being born in 1995, she later posted, “After thinking about it, I don’t think it was when I was a minor. But honestly it’s not a big deal. Don’t be like this [ARMY].”

The backtracking after she realized she may be in for a mess is amusing.

That said, she’s basically right. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Even if you do believe what she’s saying, then he was in a club a year before he was allowed, oh well. Only people who delusionally buy into the images of idols as the absolute truth would think they don’t do stuff like this from time to time, come on now.

Anyway, it got big enough that news agencies started poking around and model Kim Ki Bum from YG KPLUS was asked for comment.

News outlet Sports Donga reported that model Kim Ki Bum’s agency said, “Kim Ki Bum is friends with V but has never taken him to a club. He knew Han Seo Hee in the past, but has not communicated with her after she became famous through the internet.”

“I don’t know her.”

She is seriously a drama-causing machine. Just prolific at this shit.


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