Han Seo Hee apologizes for the BTS’s V & model Kim Ki Bum club mess … sorta

Han Seo Hee, the human content generator, has released an apology on Instagram for her comments talking about seeing BTS‘s V and model Kim Ki Bum in a club while she was underage (and thus they were as well).

In addition to her previous backtracking, she took to Instagram to complain about the media.

“People are all excited over nothing. If you’re going to report about this, please write ‘Han Seo Hee [and V] don’t know each other at all. When they were adults, they saw each other in passing. They didn’t even speak. They don’t know each other at all. Han Seo Hee just saw that there were a ton of questions about that boy group during Instagram Live, so she just brought it up.’”

That apparently didn’t work so well, so she released an apology that’s kinda funny, honestly.

“I’m very sorry for not restraining myself. I will do my best to begin to understand my impact and influence and become more mature. Thank you. Have a good day. And I just kept seeing questions during Instagram Live asking ‘Do you like BTS?’ ‘Do you know BTS?’ so I just mentioned without thinking that I had seen V at a club. I just said I had seen him for three seconds and the response is this… In the future, even if I’m saying something harmless, I’ll be careful~~~ Poor Seo Hee.. they say she’s a liar even when she’s telling the truth!!!

Emphasis mine.

Sorry for causing this mess … BY TELLING THE TRUTH BITCHES.

She is truly amazing in a way.


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