GFRIEND do “Sunny Summer” dance practice, choreo, in costumes, selfie thingy, live

While TheBiasList was cool with GFriend‘s absolutely summery “Sunny Summer“, I was initially less enthusiastic (hence me not reviewing it) due to the simplistic nature mentioned in his review. Over time though, the cheery atmosphere won me over, and while it was indeed simple, it was also disturbingly easy to get sucked into.

Anyway, now that I’m past the event horizon with the rest of you who enjoyed it, here’s a whole bunch of content for “Sunny Summer”. Unsurprisingly, since it’s GFRIEND, they are all rather good, starting with the basic stuff in dance practice and choreography, then going to a live version, then moving to a selfie thing, and finally … uh, in costumes better suited for Halloween.


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