TV Chosun wants to make it possible for you to date oppars and unnirs (sorta (not really))

TV Chosun is going to create a dating reality show where celebrities date non-celebrities. What could go wrong?

According to an industry source, TV Chosun is preparing to launch an observational dating reality show for celebrities and non-celebrities. The show would follow a celebrity and a non-celebrity that is close to his or her ideal type as they spend 100 days together. If the show airs, it will be TV Chosun’s second variety show after “Wife’s Taste.” Though dating reality shows are currently quite popular, this show will be add a new twist to the current line-up of dating programs, as it will be a mix of celebrities and non-celebrities. The program is reportedly slated to air in late August.

In theory, a lot could go wrong, if this would actually make it one step easier for crazed stans to date oppar or unnir. However, it’s a reality show, which means it’s gonna be scripted as hell anyway. Most importantly, they’re surely only gonna have wealthy, interesting, or beautiful people on it, which rules any of you troglodytes out from getting close to oppar and unnir.


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