MASC’s Chibin details assault; ACE apologizes … and drops diss track about incident

A couple days ago, MASC member Chibin wrote a story on Instagram about a ‘hyung’ who assaulted him, and the day after Chibin’s friend went to Insight to identify the ‘hyung’ as fellow member ACE and also to provide pictures of Chibin’s injuries.

Now, Chibin has provided a detailed recap of the incident in a long Instagram post.

“I didn’t expect so much attention from people and help from reporters. Thank you. To be honest, I didn’t know how to cope with the situation where I suffered a one-way attack, and I also didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t help but to just sit still and wait because if I speak up, it would cause harm to not only me but to many others as well. You might be thinking ‘Is this necessary’ but the ‘hyung’ you guys know as the attacker has cut off contact with the agency and me for 5 months since the incident. He has become absolutely silent. My frustration grew and I couldn’t just sit still. I knew it won’t be good for me either if I make such post but I felt like my frustration will go away a little if I share it this way. Now, I’m posting this because I think it’s time to share the full story of the incident. I am only going to share the truth as I have also reported to my agency. This is what happened. On March 8, 2018, we were all walking out for our late night lesson. I opened the door and went to the 1st floor without knowing it was raining outside. One member offered me an umbrella so I asked, ‘It’s not mine. Will it be okay for me to take it?’ The member said ‘Take it down with you and share it’ so I was about to but then the attacker hyung said, ‘Jeon Chibin, did you take my umbrella?’ and I said, ‘Oh yes, I think it’s yours!’ and told him, ‘Once you come down here I’ll give it to you, hyung!’ But he used curse words and yelled, ‘Wouldn’t it be right for you to come back upstairs and return the umbrella right away when hyung tells you to do so?’ Then we went to our lesson and on our way there, I laughed and had conversations with another hyung. He saw that and told me, ‘Don’t talk. Don’t even laugh. I don’t want to see you.’ I was so startled and I’m also human so I felt angry. I felt that we need to resolve misunderstandings and waited for the lesson to end to do so. After the lesson, I felt uneasy using the umbrella so I told another hyung to use it and I walked (in the rain) with my hood up. The attacker hyung, who was walking ahead of me, started yelling at me, saying, ‘Why aren’t you using the umbrella?’ I told him I gave it to another hyung. The attacker hyung then used curse words and said, ‘Are you talking back to me?’ I believed the timing was now and I said, ‘I wanted to resolve things with you by having a talk. I didn’t take your umbrella.’ Then he cursed again and yelled, ‘But still, don’t you have to bring it back to me when I tell you to, huh?!!’ He yelled very loudly. He continued to look angry and got heated up so I also vented everything I was upset about; how he kept hitting me even after I told him to stop, how he hit me and another member on the face and neck with a belt, how he cynically accused of me going away to party when I’m actually going home due to personal issues, etc… While I was telling him this, he held a threatening gaze, cursed at me, and raised his hands multiple times attempting to use violence. I told him not to hit me several times and I was about say, ‘Don’t touch my body’, when he threw the umbrella in his hands against the stone wall and used the leftover pieces of the umbrella to hit my head and face several times. The other member hyungs grabbed the umbrella out of his arm. He pushed the other hyungs away and ran over to me, kicking and punching. I had blood running down all over my face and head. I reached the point where I couldn’t control my feelings. I also spat out everything I and others have suffered from the attacker hyung. I was out of my mind and screaming and crying. Another member pulled us apart and said we should go to the hospital first. Later on, I went to the hospital with the other member hyungs. I went with all the members except the attacker hyung and another member his age. A little later, our agency employees came. The time was late so they said we should figure this out later in the daytime. My parents called the attacker hyung, saying he should at least show up to the hospital. The attacker hyung said, ‘I’ll go if Chibin calms down.’ Our family returned home.”

The way Chibin describes it basically sounds like he’s being bullied using seniority, which I think is unfortunately common, but it’s also taken to the next level by the ‘hyung’ with the inclusion of violence.

After that went up, ACE addressed things … by dropping a diss track. Seriously.

The lyrics are about the incident.

“Already months since I’ve been secluded, everything’s fallen apart
Do you think it’s fine for me? I’ve fallen into a pit of darkness
It’s too deep here, I’ve fallen into a pit of darkness
It’s dark beneath my eyes, yes I’ve fallen into a pit of darkness
I’ve fallen into a pit of darkness, I’ve sinned to myself.
I wanted to make everything right, the things I did wrong upon my conscience
I gave my hand, and you held it tight, the hand that I gave
But now after all this time, you light a fire as if to burn everything apart
I tried everything I could do, never did I run
No, you said you didn’t want to see me, so I packed my bags for you
I tried to take responsibility, so that you didn’t have to see me
But all that’s come back in front of me is news in the media without a single truth to it.
As if it were a one-sided assault. Even when I read it, it looks as if I’m trash
If I sit still, a story with more fiction you will write
But I’m already trash, I’m already trash in the books
I will have to express my position before I get swept away.
That day, I wanted to make things better with you, you were disappointed
But I saw you come at me suddenly, cursing at me
I stepped back surprised as hell, waved my umbrella, I know that this is even a sin.
But that I committed a ruthless assault? Who came up with this?
I was called to the police station, they heard the truth
Even they knew what really went down, I was provoked intentionally.
Somehow, I think your purpose was to claim a settlement a hundred times more.
I knew I had to work part-time, but the company didn’t allow that.
You said I disappeared without apology? You do your best to deceive our fans with lies.
You cursed your lungs out, and our members had to hold back and put up with your lunacy.
You care only for yourself, the company’s just the same
Selecting more members without discussion nor our consent, and now they say it was a mistake.
Okay I am sorry, it went wrong from the start
Yes I am sorry, we tried our best but it came to nothing
Okay I am sorry, okay I am sorry
Yes I am sorry, I am sorry to myself”

ACE accuses Chibin of lying and makes himself a victim, basically.

That’s interesting since ACE took to Instagram to admit fault and apologize, but he did claim that parts of Chibin’s story were false.

This is ACE Firstly I would like to sincerely apologize to our fans, the public and to our members for arousing criticism. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to our fans who have believed in me and supported me. I would also like to apologize to my members who have come this far with me together.

Asides from whatever situation and my intentions at the time of the incident, and based on the result of the incident, I would like to admit to the fault in my actions of that day. However, never did I break an umbrella on a brick wall to make a weapon or assault my members as they were trying to prevent me. I would like to state that these accusations are comepletely false.

Furthermore, accusations that I disappeared without contact for 5 months without a single apology is completely untrue. During this period of inactivity, I took full responsibility for my actions by leaving the group, ending my contract with the company while also undergoing and completing a police investigation.

I wish that the fans who supported MASC, the MASC members and the people I love are not hurt or taken aback by these one-sided accusations.

I am fully aware of the immaturity of my actions. I would like to once again apolgize for my actions. I will continue to give my support for MASC. I ask that you also continue to give your love and support for MASC.

Well now that it’s out in the open, hopefully Chibin can get some semblance of closure. From what ACE is saying, it seems like he’s out of MASC now and authorities were already involved at some point as well.

Seriously though, did this dude really release a diss track about assaulting a group member? That happened, right? Hep-hap, baybee.


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