TS Entertainment refuses to negotiate with Hyosung over invalid contract lawsuit

In March of this year, former SECRET member Hyosung sought to invalidate her contract with TS Entertainment. The reason cited was that the company had not paid her since 2015, something TSE subsequently denied. In any case, Hyosung doesn’t even care about the monetary dispute, all she wants is to terminate the contract she has with the company until 2021.

Recently, after two delays, TSE revealed that they have no intention of negotiating with Hyosung over letting her out of her contract.

TS Entertainment’s lawyer stated, “We have no plans on negotiating with Jun Hyosung. Although we hope to conclude the case smoothly, concluding the case as the plaintiff pleases is the same thing as us not being able to operate as an entertainment company anymore.” They continued, “We will not terminate the plaintiff’s contract. We can begin discussions for negotiations after the plaintiff repays the deposit. It is unclear from our point of view that the plaintiff wishes to terminate the contract due to personal circumstances.”

Again, it’s true that we have no idea which side is right yet based on the information made public. That said, it’s awful hard to believe TSE given their similar issues in the past with BAP and in the present with Jieun and allegedly company employees as well.


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