Taeyeon enjoys listening to BTS’s “IDOL”, EXO stans (and Taeyeon antis) get mad online

SNSD‘s Taeyeon did what many around the world have done recently and shared that she was enjoying listening to BTS‘s “IDOL“.

As you can probably guess, however, things were not exactly that simple. There’s the SM Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment stan rivalry, the EXO and BTS stan rivalry, plus the fact that she dated Baekhyun before (who had just released a song).

Still … I mean it’s nothing to flip out over, right? Wrong. EXO stans and Taeyeon antis who read the worst into everything she does are fucking pissed and immediately started sending her hate comments on social media. Naturally, people came to her defense, pointing out that Taeyeon basically can’t win with these people.

Honestly, this is a non-issue to me, but of course I have to cover it because fandoms being irrational messes is like a hobby of mine at this point.


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