Hyomin reveals that battle with MBKE over ‘T-ara’ name has been settled

Hyomin recently made her solo comeback with “Mango“, but she also revealed news regarding the lawsuit between the T-ara members and MBK Entertainment over the ‘T-ara’ name. When asked about the case, which by the way last saw MBKE’s trademark application being rejected, Hyomin stated that the issue is settled.

When asked about this at her showcase, Hyomin replied, “The name ‘T-ara’ is not only ours or anyone else’s, and it was decided that it belonged to everyone. We thought that too because we thought that we, the fans, and the agency who created us all had rights to it.” She continued, “Regarding the issue, we resolved the misunderstanding with our former agency. We really want to show us promoting together. I always have hope for team promotions. We’re planning to work out our opinions and find a way for us to be together.”

So it definitely sounds like some kind of settlement was reached. Not sure what the terms are exactly, but it appears the name ‘T-ara’ will be used by the actual members themselves, which is all they wanted to begin with. Hopefully whatever terms they got were good, because it sure as hell seemed like MBKE’s only play here was to drag it out as long as possible.

Anyway, definitely a positive development.


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