Cube has botched the HyunA/E’Dawn situation, but at least it has brought out the memes

Last we checked on the story of HyunA and Pentagon‘s E’Dawn being kicked out of Cube Entertainment, then not, then booted again, and then not again, there was a report that the reason for the company’s flip-flopping was because investors were concerned with the decision. Well … yeah.

The thing is though, even if they make the right choice now and retain the couple, I’m not sure how much that helps them. The trust between Cube and HyunA/E’Dawn definitely is broken now, except through the company’s actions and not those of the couple. And if I was an investor, so too would be my trust in the company to handle anything competently.

And look, when one takes a step back and looks at what we know, it’s just difficult to see how anybody could think the fault of this mess lies mainly at the feet of HyunA and E’Dawn and not Cube and netizens. Remember, none of this probably happens if netizens didn’t accuse HyunA of basically sexually assaulting E’Dawn, after which the media looked into it for a story and ended up outing them as being a couple. Perhaps that stuff wasn’t the sole reason the pair wanted to go public so badly, but considering what she was accused of and the current social climate, it’s not unreasonable that they wanted it cleared up without leaving a doubt. So yeah, they likely followed by going around Cube. Insubordination? Sure, and that’s presumably why Cube is pissed, but what was the root cause of that insubordination? The attempt by a company to regulate the love lives of their employees, which is why it understandably reads as ridiculous to … I mean, anybody sane.

It’s not what you want.

Besides, Cube talking about ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust’? People are buying this bullshit from a company that fought one of their foundational groups in BEAST, holding the naming rights over their heads to the bitter end with hopes of making them re-sign on their terms, eventually forcing them to change their name to HIGHLIGHT? The corporation who were willing to boot out the face of their company in HyunA, who they shoved into multiple sub-units with lesser-known artists (Trouble Maker/Triple H), and who they mediaplayed the shit out of as a former Wonder Girls member in order to get another one of their foundational groups off the ground (4Minute)? Really? Without those two groups Cube as we know it doesn’t exist, so spare me the hand-wringing and corporate apologia. Like seriously, think of what you’re caping for at its core if you get the urge to do it.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that most of this likely would’ve blown over if Cube just put them on reflection or hiatus for a bit more and let things chill a bit. Sure, some fans would’ve still inevitably been upset, but not as many as they’re pissing off now by kicking out the face of their company and a key member of their upcoming boy group.

But hey, at least because they’re dumb as fuck we’re getting lulz from their utter incompetence.

Also, because I have to ruin everything with sports, this was perfect material for NBA memes.

So at least there was that stuff.


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