HyunA reportedly in the process of leaving Cube Entertainment

The situation with HyunA, Pentagon‘s E’Dawn, and Cube Entertainment has not officially been resolved yet, even though it’s three weeks after Cube said they would update everybody on things next week. However, HyunA’s future is reportedly heading down the path to separating with Cube.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Hyuna is in the process of parting ways with Cube Entertainment. Currently, the two parties are reportedly working on arranging her remaining advertising contracts and settling other matters.

According to the source, Hyuna and the agency are unable to reconcile their differences after she revealed her relationship with E’Dawn. Further, Cube Entertainment only exacerbated their problems when it released a notice on September 13 notifying the public about its decision to expel the two. The issue in this situation was that it did so without informing the singers ahead of time. Instead, Hyuna reportedly discovered the announcement through friends and news articles. As a result, she was understandably shocked and hurt. Later, the singer reportedly told close aids that this might be the end of her relationship with the company.

So it seems like at least HyunA and Cube are headed for a separation if this report is to be believed. Even if Cube did want her back, it ironically appears that they’re the ones who have alienated her.

That could prove significant because, amusingly, unlike most stock situations in K-pop, this one actually doesn’t seem to be nothing in terms of financial impact. Shareholders were reportedly upset with the unilateral decision to boot the couple and it shows as the stock is still down 15-20%.

Honestly, I do wonder about the credibility of the report since I’m not seeing it parroted, but I’m also thirsty for news on the situation. We shall see.


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