Siyeon held birthday mini-concert (with random play singing), did broadcast, fansite put on photo exhibition

Dreamcatcher‘s Siyeon had her 23rd birthday a few days ago, which I definitely know if for no other reason than people calling me a traitor for not covering it. But I was too busy doing other news to have the time to sit back and take the necessary time to soak in the glory of the mini-concert, broadcast, and gallery thing.


Let’s start with the mini-concert of sorts, which was amazing because she is.

DEAN – “Instagram”

Maroon 5 – “One More Night”

Nell – “Time Spent Walking Through Memories”

Random Play Singing

She tore through IU‘s “Through The Night“, BTS‘s “Spring Day“, MeloMance‘s “Gift“, Oh My Girl‘s “Remember Me“, MAMAMOO‘s “Egotistic“, SNSD Oh!GG‘s “Lil’ Touch“, and Sunmi‘s “Siren“.

Siyeon even ended up doing Dami‘s part from “What“.

The whole thing is worth watching.


Siyeon also did a birthday broadcast on V Live.


Also, her biggest fansite, Lullaby, put on an exhibition for their photos of her.

I want to buy all that shit.


Bonus shit!

Siyeon recreates her iconic moment with JiU.

Oh wow, I thought this was illegal.

She is the best.



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