Han Seo Hee is back in the news for threatening to expose TOP & YGE or something

After a nice period where we were able to forget she existed, noted shitbird Han Seo Hee was in the news again recently. After Big Bang‘s TOP returned to Instagram for the first time in about 18 months, Han Seo Hee decided she needed attention or something and took to Instagram to bait us with potential mess.

On October 31, Han Seo Hee posted a photo taken on August 23, 2016 on her Instagram. The photo is a poster about how employees of YG should greet others with a joyful smile every time and the restroom etiquette of YG Entertainment. She wrote as her caption, “Don’t you dare to come out again. How dare you? I’ve heard that you’re telling people around you that I received money from you. I’m a gold digger? How much have you been talking about me that even I hear the rumors now? Stop talking about me. Hey, if you’re going to talk, do it after giving me money. You’re rich, right? I shut my mouth and just let it pass because I thought you were living quietly. I’m going to say everything I want to say because you’re uploading posts on your Instagram like you have no shame. I at least won’t lie about you being a gold digger like you did about me.” She continued, “Oh, you know, right? You know all the things regarding your company that I’ve helped hide. Wow, I’m so kindhearted. The reporters were like, ‘Seo Hee, please, let’s release it,’ but I rejected those pleadings because I was scared of you guys. I should have released it then. I believe that you know what I’m talking about. Why did I go there that day? You guys must know, right? Ah, and please act like a person of your own size and age. Stop pretending to be an artist. You are just an old man, an oldie.”

I mean … either do it or don’t.

Let’s go, man.

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너는 나올 생각도 하지마라 어딜 기어 나와 니 주변 사람들한테 내가 너한테 돈 받았다고 하고 다닌대매 꽃뱀이라고? 얼마나 떠들어댔으면 나한테까지 얘기가 들어와? 내 얘기 좀 작작해 야 돈이나 주고 말해 너 돈 많잖아 그래도 조용히 살고 있는 것 같길래 입 다물고 그냥 넘어갔는데 철판깔고 인스타 업로드하시는 거 보니까 할 말은 할려구 ㅎㅎ 그래도 난 너 처럼 너 좆뱀이라고 거짓말은 안할게 아 참 너도 알지? 내가 니네 회사 일 몇개나 숨겨줬는지 새삼 나 진짜 착하다 기자들이 서희씨 그냥 터트리자고 제발 그 일 터트리자고 하는거 니네 무서워서 그냥 다 거절했었는데 그때 그냥 터트릴걸 그랬어 뭔진 너도 알고 있을거라 믿어 내가 저 날 저기를 왜 갔을까? 너네도 알지? 아 그리고 제발 등치값 좀 해라 나이값도 좀 하고 예술가 인척도 그만 좀 해 걍 너는 아저씨야 아저씨 틀딱 아저씨

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