PRISTIN fans want Pledis Entertainment to tell them where in the dungeon they are at

PRISTIN‘s fandom wants to know where the fuck the girls are and have taken the question directly to the fancafe.

The good news? Pledis Entertainment has seen the campaign. The bad news? They deleted all that shit.

I mean, honestly it’s reasonable to delete that stuff cause they literally spammed the entire fancafe with it.

Regardless, the fans also brought up that the members aren’t even using the fancafe, with many of them missing for a long time now.

Man, I guess it really has been like 400 days since their last comeback as a full group, huh? I’ve said it before, but it just seems bizarre for Pledis to essentially put them on hiatus after only debuting them last year with hopes of them becoming a top-tier group.

Now Kyulkyung is busy in China, Kyla is in America somewhere, and Xiyeon was recently linked to a rumor that she was leaving the group and company. PRISTIN is nowhere to be seen and Pledis isn’t providing any kernels of hope, so I can see why fans are concerned and just at least want reassurances that they are coming back … like ever.


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