Iron’s probation for assaults on ex is upheld on appeal + scolded for outing identity, which media (K & I) participated in

Late last month, the court had advised Iron to settle the appeal case with his ex after she requested a harsher sentence than probation for his conviction. If you don’t remember or are new to what Iron did to his ex, he assaulted her in two different incidents and also threatened her.

Prosecutors said last September, while Iron and girlfriend ‘A’ were having sex, ‘A’ refused Iron’s demands. He beat her face with his fists in anger. About fifteen days afterward, ‘A’ decided to break up with Iron. He then choked and beat her, causing injuries and fracturing her left pinky. He then threatened her by stabbing himself with a kitchen tool and then telling her that if she called the police, he would tell them she stabbed him.

For that crime, Iron comically received just two years probation (with eight months in jail should he violate it) and 80 hours of community service. Well, now the appeals court has decided that was enough.

An appeals court upheld rapper Iron’s 2016 sentence of eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, after a lower court found him guilty of multiple counts of assault.

He was also ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

The only other thing that happened was the court basically scolded Iron for outing his ex’s identity to the public and lying about her to the media.

The court also censured Iron for revealing the victim’s identity in media interviews and publicly calling her a masochist.


That nobody seemed to flinch at both Korean and international media outing the victim’s identity after hints given by Iron was always weird to me, and now it looks even worse that everybody participated in his shaming of the victim. Credit to … well, basically only Soompi out of the major outlets for not revealing her name, Instagram, or pictures in their coverage of the story.

Anyway, it seems now that Iron won’t have to spend time in jail for his crimes, despite the fact that he at least appears to lack any remorse over a violent incident that made him seem dangerous as hell.


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