Janet Jackson will be at 2018 MAMA, and I’m just hoping for a moment like confused Timbaland

At a recent press conference for 2018 MAMA — an event that will be held on December 10, 12, and 14 in Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong — stuff from the ceremony’s lineup were revealed to hype up the show. Along with guests JJ Lin and Matsuhige Yutaka being unveiled, as well as a collab between MOMOLAND and Mommy Son (probably Mad Clown), it was revealed that Janet Jackson would be taking part.


I have no idea in what capacity she will be participating, but I’m praying to god it’ll be as gloriously awkward as Timbaland‘s appearance back at the 2016 MAMA.

Poor Eric Nam.

Hopefully it doesn’t go like the Teyeon Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa mess from that same show.

Now that I think about it, 2016 MAMA was quite legendary.


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