Monsta X’s Shownu tops list of most popular male idols among gay Koreans on Twitter

A list of male idols that gay Koreans on Twitter are most interested in is making the rounds and I knew this was prime content for Asian Junkie readers.

The list goes: 1) Monsta X‘s Shownu 2) WANNA ONE‘s Ong Sung Woo 3) NU’EST‘s Baekho 4) ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo 5) KARD‘s BM 6) WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel 6) EXO‘s D.O. 8) Monsta X’s Wonho 9) NCT‘s Mark 10) NCT’s Jaehyun 10) BTS‘s Jin.

ShownuWonho, and Jaehyun have all been featured here as Dirty Iljin Manwhores, and Wonho even made the site for shipping himself with Shownu. Furthermore, BM is basically IATFB‘s boyfriend, so this ranking is completely relevant to the site’s interests.

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