CLC’s Sorn opens YouTube channel, which is unfortunately called Produsorn and not SornHub

CLC‘s Sorn has been vlogging for a while now on Cube Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel, and her content had earned my attention in the past. But now she’s truly becoming a YouTuber and creating her own YouTube channel, which she says will have all sorts of content.

It’s obviously good news because Sorn fucking rules, but the bad news is that it will indeed be called Produsorn instead of SornHub.

Sad days, my friends.

Sorn is so cute. People who hate on her visuals should be round up and shot, IMO.

Okay but it definitely looks like she’s wearing a dunce cap in this picture.

Am I wrong in thinking that Cube is only allowing her to do this because they aren’t giving CLC another comeback before her contract is up? It definitely crossed my mind. Sigh.



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