NGT48 release statement on Yamaguchi Maho assault incident, former & current 48 Group members react

After Yamaguchi Maho revealed that she had been assaulted outside her home by two men and that NGT48 group member(s) were allegedly connected to it, she was made to issue an apology during the group’s third anniversary stage.

But since even NGT48 fans found this disgusting and the backlash is growing both domestic and abroad, management did actually release a statement on the incident.

So they basically admit that what Maho said was true but sterilize the details a bit, so it’s hard not to believe Maho’s side of things in its entirety at this point, if you weren’t convinced already.

I mean … at least NGT48 released a statement, I guess? But it was definitely more of a defense of management’s actions than anything else, and even though they’re not even promising any real change as it is, I have my doubts they’ll even change what they claim they will.


Additionally, this is understandably having far-reaching implications, as many others who were formerly or are currently currently under the AKS umbrella have spoken out.

Sashihara Rino

Kitahara Rie

Ito Raira

Otaki Yuria

Ota Aika

Masuda Yuka

Kashiwagi Yuki

Mukaichi Mion

Yokoyama Yui

The gap between the reactions of former members (or Sasshi, of course) and current members is noteworthy, I think.

Also, it’s definitely a positive that Japanese fans seem just as disgusted.

Well at least everybody seems to be on the same page on the issue of making the victim of stalking and assault apologize on stage for talking about it, I guess.


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