New video shines light on Burning Sun assault + women accusing victim of harassment all get linked to club + ex-promoter allegedly fired for reporting drugs

As the scandal surrounding Burning Sun/Seungri/YG deepens, let’s loop back a bit to the beginning. This whole thing got kicked off when a man went public with his treatment at the hands of Burning Sun staff, something they have admitted and apologized for. However, it was then inferred that the reason the assault victim had been attacked was due to three charges of sexual harassment/sexual assault against women in the club that were filed against him with police.

That wouldn’t have excused everything else that’s happened in Burning Sun, nor the gang beating the assault victim took, but new video has thrown a wrench into even that angle against the assault victim. New CCTV footage shows a man grabbing the assault victim’s hair, which kicked off that whole mess.

The footage showed a man grabbing Kim by his hair. This was the man who assaulted Kim first. When Kim was being beaten by a group of Burning Sun employees outside, the man could be seen exiting through the VIP exit and slipping away in his car after briefly watching over the beating.

That’s relevant because the man in question is reportedly an acquaintance of Seungri and the club’s CEO, as well as being a VIP customer who spends a lot at the club.

As it turns out, the man was an acquaintance of Seungri and Burning Sun’s CEO and also a VIP customer who, according to an insider, spent $7,000-$9,000 USD on tables each visit.

The report is essentially saying the new video backs what the assault victim claimed in that the CEO and staff beat him to cover for their VIP.

Taking things a step further, it was discovered that the three women who filed accusations of sexual harassment/sexual assault against the assault victim have all been reported to have connections to the club in some fashion.

One woman who goes by the name Aena is known to have been a promoter of the club, another woman an acquaintance of the Burning Sun CEO and the other woman an acquaintance of a sales employee of the club.

So the report is basically saying that the assault victim and the VIP/friend of Burning Sun execs got into a physical confrontation, and to cover for the VIP, they beat the assault victim. Additionally, it’s inferred that the reports of the assault victim sexually harassing three women were a part of this cover up.

That said, I think it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean the assault victim wasn’t harassing women (or even any of those three women), as he has been previously captured on CCTV doing something that sure looks like harassment of one woman. But what the report does seem to do is throw doubt onto the motivation for and narrative surrounding the assault, as the club had previously managed to keep the VIP out of this until now and they made it seem as if it was just a conflict between club staff and the assault victim. Thus, this seems to give credibility to the allegation that the club is trying to cover for somebody.


Speaking of that woman Aena, who is currently under investigation by police relating to drug charges, a Burning Sun insider and former promoters of the club have linked her to drug use as well as drug distribution.

We always talked about it amongst ourselves, that she did drugs, that she’s going out to do drugs again.

I’ve seen Aena do drugs but I haven’t seen her distribute or sell them to others. And it’s also a well-known fact within the club.

So nobody saw her distribute drugs directly, but what they do say is that police knew about it because she was reported along with two others for use and distribution back in September of 2018.

In fact, Aena had previously been reported to the police. Burning Sun employees have apparently reported her for the use and distribution of drugs in September 2018. But it wasn’t only Aena that they reported. They also reported two people who worked with Aena in selling the drugs named Alice and Yang Yang.

The promoters say that nothing came of it because police didn’t seem to care much.

According to the former promoters A and B, the police came by and was given all the evidence but ended up leaving without doing a thorough investigation. The police claimed that she quickly admitted to her crime, so they dismissed prosecution and ordered her deportation as she was revealed to be an illegal alien. However, she dismissed the orders and responded with a lawsuit.

One promoter then says he was fired for reporting her.

They said, “This is Seungri’s club so if you report drugs we may close down. So hurry up and cancel your report and leave Burning Sun today,” and fired me.

I understand why this report centers around a woman associated with Burning Sun using/distributing drugs and is supposedly being covered for because she brings in a lot of money, but given the ongoing suspicions of police corruption/involvement, it’s arguably more relevant that the police are claimed to have known about her, the drugs, and her association with the club and didn’t seem to have much interest in pursuing it.


Of course, it’s still important to remember that nothing much has happened legally yet (even if that fact ends up part of the scandal), but as the media continues to uncover evidence as the investigation into this continues, it certainly at least appears to not trending in the right direction for Burning Sun and those associated with the club.


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