Imamura Etsuro (ex-NGT48 manager involved in Yamaguchi Maho scandal) & AKB48 manager fired by AKS after controversial tweet

Though the tangible Yamaguchi Maho updates have been few and far between, there’s been some good news to emerge recently. Imamura Etsuro — the former NGT48 theater manager involved in trying to suppress Maho’s assault, among other things in his disastrous handling of this — was recently terminated along with the AKB48 theater manager Hosoi Takahiro.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the ongoing third-party investigation, and it’s less justice and more them shooting themselves in the foot by showing their ass.

Former AKB48 manager Togasaki Tomonobu made a tweet that featured the other two happily drinking together, and then made reference to the fact that he heard a lot of things and to not listen to the media coverage, which is a thinly-veiled shot at the Maho situation.

Needless to say, reaction was severe and swift by fans, which led to AKS‘s action. Though perhaps it’s not correct to say it was stupid, as they’re just likely so embedded and used getting away with it that it’s simply their hubris to think the consequences will never come. Well, hard to hide who you are for too long, I suppose.


As far as the third-party investigation into the Maho situation goes, I know people around these parts were skeptical about the objectivity and validity of it already, but if you weren’t already convinced to be skeptical there was a rather interesting editorial written about how companies use it to wash their dirty laundry.

Regardless, hopefully things continue to trend in this direction for the issue surrounding Maho.


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