Choi Jong Hoon booked for role in hidden cam group chat, police lieutenant reportedly questioned in connection to DUI cover up

Choi Jong Hoon has already left FT Island and retired from the industry due to his involvement in the Jung Joon Young/Seungri hidden cam group chat as well as suspicions that he had a DUI covered up through help from police. However, his issues deepened after the chat reveal that exposed CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun’s involvement also showed Choi Jong Hoon sending a hidden cam pic himself in the chat.

SBS reported that Choi Jong Hoon had sent a photo of a sleeping woman in a group chatroom, and their acquaintance Mr. Heo had replied, “Who’s that? Her body is *** great.” Choi Jong Hoon replied, “The one wearing [name redacted] that was there yesterday.”

In addition to that, the chat reportedly showed him asking for shots of women’s bodies, making comments belittling women, and watching illegal hidden cam videos and pictures that others shared.

That led to him being booked by police on suspicion of spreading illegal videos and pictures and put him under investigation. He is also being investigated for the alleged cover up of his DUI, and a police lieutenant is being investigated as well.

According to a police source, the lieutenant related to Choi Jong Hoon’s drunk driving case has been investigated. Lieutenant A was a team leader in the Traffic Investigation Unit at Yongsan Police Station at the time of Choi Jong Hoon’s case. The source said, “I heard that lieutenant A was questioned, but circumstances of close ties have yet to be confirmed.”

Lieutenant A is currently not receiving external calls. It appears as though he will not be working at his precinct station for a while according to reports. Another police source who worked with lieutenant A at the time said, “At the time, there was no instance of a higher-up saying, ‘Make sure news doesn’t come out,’ and giving pressure.” However, police officers have noted “that most celebrity drunk driving cases become known to the press, so Choi Jong Hoon’s case not being reported is somewhat odd.”

Recently, when he briefly took questions from the press as he came into police for questioning, he didn’t have much new to say.

After bowing his head, Choi Jong Hoon announced, “I will earnestly participate in the police’s investigations. First, I’m sorry for causing trouble to our society, and I will earnestly undergo investigations.” When asked if the suspicions that he had spread videos of sexual activity were true, Choi Jong Hoon replied, “I’m sorry.” However, when asked about the allegations that he had requested that the police cover up news of his drunk driving incident, he denied them with a simple “No.” He also denied that he had personally asked Yoo In Suk, the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, to do so for him. When asked to name the police officer who had sent him a text message on his birthday, Choi Jong Hoon replied, “I don’t know.” Finally, when asked if he had anything he wanted to say to the victims, Choi Jong Hoon said again, “I’m sorry.”

I mean it’s possible what he’s saying is technically correct. That he didn’t directly ask anybody to cover up his DUI … but that it was just understood and somebody else asked for him or it was just done automatically by authorities.

That would be in line with the trend in this scandal of sorta technically correct statements that are lies by omission, which he may have learned from FNC Entertainment.


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