FNCE terminates contract with Choi Jong Hoon (ex-FT Island)

Former FT Island member Choi Jong Hoon has admitted to being involved in the Jung Joon Young/Seungri group chat, having a previously unknown DUI though denied trying to have it covered up, and knowing the senior superintendent under investigation for corruption. He is also facing charges stemming from sharing a hidden cam pic in the chat, and more recently for trying to bribe police.

While he has already supposedly retired from the industry, FNC Entertainment wanted to make it clear that they are cutting ties and canceled his contract.

On March 21, the agency announced, “To our knowledge, he provided his personal statement regarding this incident at police investigations. The company does not know of the details regarding this.” FNC added, “The company has shared [updates on] the progress of the situation based on his claims until now, but we decided that our relationship of [mutual] trust can no longer continue due to repeatedly contradicting statements. His exclusive contract has already been terminated.”

This was always coming at some point, and it’s not surprising or anything, but it’s sorta funny to watch FNCE pretend like they were just deceived by him and had no idea he might’ve been lying about stuff.


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