Jung Joon Young arrested on charges of filming & distributing hidden camera content

Jung Joon Young had already previously admitted to crimes stemming from a group chat with seven others, primarily revolving around hidden camera videos and pictures. Now he has officially been arrested on charges of filming and distributing spy cam footage without consent.

As mentioned, there’s no doubt about his guilt as he admitted it publicly before, but he also re-iterated that in a statement before heading into court earlier.

After arriving at the Seoul Central District Court, Jung Joon Young stood in front of the press and read a statement he had handwritten in advance. He stated, “I apologize. I have committed an unforgivable crime. I admit to all of the charges made against me. I will not argue [about the charges] and humbly abide by the court’s decision. Once again, I deeply apologize to the victims to whom I caused pain, the women who received secondary damages due to groundless rumors, and everyone who showed me interest and love until now. I will faithfully cooperate with the investigations and spend the rest of my life repenting.”

Sorta amusing to contrast him now versus his attitude in the chats.

In addition to Jung Joon Young being arrested, his lawyer from the 2016 case where police corruption appeared to play a major role in him being cleared has been booked on suspicion of destroying evidence.

Meanwhile, the police also booked the lawyer of Jung Joon Young (from the singer’s 2016 case against his ex-girlfriend) for charges of destroying evidence. The lawyer allegedly attempted to destroy evidence while the singer was undergoing investigation for illegally filming his ex-girlfriend.

As far Jung Joon Young goes, the only question left if what the sentence will be. And given his alleged fake apology back in 2016, hopefully the judge doesn’t fall for that crap this time around.


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