Seungri reportedly embezzled funds from Burning Sun, say police + Roy Kim’s agency gives statement

Seungri and Yoo In Suk were recently booked for allegedly embezzling funds from Monkey Museum, and now police have reportedly found that Seungri also embezzled money from Burning Sun by routing club funds to shell bank accounts which were routed to him.

According to the report, police found these suspicious accounts while tracking the flow of Burning Sun’s capital, after which they began a deeper investigation. They then summoned five individuals whose names were on the accounts and obtained testimony that “the accounts were used in relation to Seungri.” Investigative authorities stated on April 2 that they suspect Seungri and the management of Burning Sun rerouted funds from the club not for tax evasion, but for personal use, and that the embezzled funds are tentatively estimated at tens of millions of won (approximately tens of thousands of dollars).

A police source stated, “Though we can’t reveal specifics on the matter, we have already completed review of legal precedent in order to prove these crimes.” Meanwhile, Seungri’s legal representative said, “We need to undergo questioning for these charges before we can release a statement.”

I’m not gonna rush to judgement on this since it’s the police, but I’ve seen people saying that it would be okay for Seungri to take money from his own business for personal use. However, there are still processes you’re supposed to follow in order to do that legally even if that were true, and the primary problem is that him and his company own 20%, so the other 80% of investors probably would not be pleased about him taking money for himself. And that excludes any potential tax issues that might cause.

We’ll see, but it certainly doesn’t look good.


Following being connected to Jung Joon Young‘s molka group chats, Roy Kim‘s agency finally gave a statement and it doesn’t say much other than he will participate in questioning.

Hello. This is an official statement regarding singer Roy Kim. Roy Kim is currently pursuing his studies in the United States and is adjusting his schedule to return to Korea for questioning as soon as possible. Furthermore, he will diligently participate in the necessary questioning. Thank you.

Like others before him, I’m guessing they’re going to try to play this as low-key as possible and hope that all they can find it that he was in the chat and not that he distributed or filmed molka himself.


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