Burning Sun hired 4 minors as security, multiple officers booked for collusion with club, police reach out to China for organized crime investigation

The Burning Sun scandal continues to spread, but the focus on the involvement of the club itself continues to deepen as well. A recent report about the club’s practices has the police confirming that they hired four minors to act primarily as security and have charged the club and the club’s two co-CEOs for violating the Juvenile Protection Act.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said in a briefing on the Burning Sun incident that it booked the club and its co-CEOs, including Lee Moon Ho, on charges of violating the Juvenile Protection Act. Police said they had received a complaint that the club had hired a minor, and after an investigation they confirmed that Burning Sun had hired a total of four. Additionally, police say that all four minors were male and worked as guards, mainly in a security role.

Okay, so forget the controversy about allowing minors into the club and bribing the police, they are now being charged with actually hiring minors to work their club as security.

Speaking of the police, police chief Min Gap Ryong has stated there are six police officers under investigation and five of them have been booked for collusion with Burning Sun.

“1 person on charges of dereliction of duty during the processing of the case regarding minors entering the club, 3 people on charges of abuse of authority in relation to protecting suspicions on the superintendent and leaking official secrets, 1 person on charges of dereliction of duty in relation to inadequate investigation at Seongdong Police Station and 1 person on charges of publication of criminal facts.”

Perhaps most relevantly, Korean police have confirmed they are seeking help from China in regards to the club’s connection with a Taiwanese business woman and allegations tying her to the Triads.

South Korean police confirmed Thursday they are seeking cooperation from Chinese law enforcement in the probe of a nightclub tied to former BIGBANG member Seungri. The request was made to verify various speculation surrounding a Taiwanese businesswoman, who is said to own a large stake in the nightclub Burning Sun that’s under investigation over a range of illegalities. Speculation has it that she was funded by the Triad, a secret Chinese crime organization based in China, Taiwan, Macau and elsewhere, and her husband is a big shot in Taiwan’s gambling community. “We have learned of such speculation from media reports, and it’s one of the many for which we need the help from the Chinese authorities for verification,” an official from Seoul’s National Police Agency said. The NPA has also asked Beijing to share any information about Triad’s involvement in the cryptocurrency business.

They’ve also reportedly reached out to authorities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan regarding criminal organizations.


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