Seungri booked for embezzling from Burning Sun, being investigated for another instance of providing prostitution

Following reports that Seungri and Yoo In Suk were suspected of embezzling funds from Burning Sun, the duo have now been booked for it as police found that money from the club was suspiciously moved through various accounts. Additionally, the CEO of Jun Won Corporation (42% stake in the club) was also booked on similar charges.

According to a new report by Star Today, Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk have been booked on suspicions of embezzling funds from Burning Sun. Authorities traced a portion of Burning Sun’s capital to Seungri and Yoo In Suk after it was moved through various accounts and other abnormal routes, and they have obtained testimony from someone related to the matter. Police have also booked the CEO of Jeonwon Saneop, a company that holds 42 percent share of Burning Sun, after finding that funds from the club had also been moved to the company through methods similar to Seungri and Yoo In Suk. Investigations are ongoing, and authorities are currently performing a search and seizure at the offices of Jeonwon Saneop and Yuri Holdings for financial records. Police estimate that the embezzled funds amount to tens of millions of won (approximately tens of thousands of dollars). A source stated that some suspicions have already been confirmed, and added, “Because the embezzled amount could increase after investigations, we cannot reveal any specifics at this time.”

While police have said they have evidence of Seungri being involved in providing prostitution on two separate occasions (1/2), they are now investigating a third alleged incident involving foreign investors and a restaurant.

On April 10, JTBC’s “Newsroom” reported that Seungri made a reservation at a famous restaurant located in Gangnam on December of 2015 to entertain foreign investors and later provided prostitution services for his guests. After obtaining information about this, police have recently started an investigation to confirm the validity of the allegations. According to a worker at the restaurant, the police began investigating the restaurant shortly after Seungri’s scandals began to come to light in March. When JTBC asked if Seungri reserved the first and second floor of the restaurant, the staff member esponded, “He reserved a large room on the second floor.” Police suspect that the group dined at the restaurant and then moved to a secondary location for the sexual services. A source at the police stated, “We’ve obtained the schedule of Seungri’s party from that day.” The police are looking into whether the women were initially present at the restaurant, and the number and identities of those who were present. Seungri’s lawyer has denied these allegations being investigated by the police by stating that they are not true.

For everybody asking about what’s taking so long to charge Seungri, police say investigations are still ongoing and basically the reason his case hasn’t been forwarded to prosecution yet is because he has more charges against him and they’re going to send the case all at once.

The investigations surrounding Seungri, who was also part of the chatroom, are still ongoing. He was booked on charges of sharing illegal footage, but it was not confirmed whether or not he filmed any footage. As Seungri was also booked for several other charges including prostitution mediation and bribery, the police plan to forward his case to the prosecutor’s office after all of the investigations are complete.

Sounds reasonable enough, though I definitely understand the concern from observers considering the police are knee-deep in this themselves.


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