Suzy fined for damages in case relating to Yang Ye Won petition, but her support did a whole lot of good

Suzy was sued back in June of 2018 because while the location of the studio in the Yang Ye Won case was the same, the management was already different.

Suzy did not write the petition herself, but encouraged fans to sign the petition that made the error, and the courts ruled that she and two others were liable and must pay ~$17,000 in damages.

The courts have ordered Suzy and two individuals to pay compensation for causing damages to the studio related to a government petition about YouTuber Yang Ye Won’s case. On June 13, Judge Ban Hyo Rin of the Seoul Southern District Courts made a ruling that was partially in favor of the plaintiff, Once Picture studio’s CEO Lee, and ordered Suzy and two other individuals to pay 20 million won (approximately $16,900) in damages. The claims made against the government were dismissed.

Suzy had already issued a public apology to the studio, but the studio wanted ~$85,000 in compensation.

Technically, I can understand why the court might find her at fault as it likely negatively impacted the business. That said, she didn’t write the petition herself and this was pretty obviously about supporting Yang Ye Won, so it was just an innocent mistake rather than some directed campaign.

So even if you believe she deserves some blame for that aspect of it, the end result was bringing attention to the petition and the case, which led to an investigation, which led to the accused studio owner in the Yang Ye Won case being outed for multiple cases of past sexual abuse, which led police to 43 suspects across 9 different cases, and which led to a molestation conviction for a man against Yang Ye Won.

Thus, netizens trying to turn this into some kind of ‘Suzy should stay out of these matters’ type of shit seems hilariously misinformed about what happened after she ‘butted in’. Hopefully it doesn’t discourage her from speaking out on matters like this going forward.


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