YG reportedly sent Han Seo Hee to America to cover up TOP’s drug case, YGE denies

The drug case involving B.I and YG has evolved into being something more about alleged witness tampering and the corruption of police/prosecutors, and it’s now being reported that YG Entertainment sent Han Seo Hee to America in order to cover up T.O.P‘s drug scandal.

In November 2016, YG Entertainment proposed that Han Seo Hee leave to the US. Han Seo Hee agreed but when she didn’t leave immediately, YG began to rush her. The following is a portion of the 2nd suspect interrogatory:
Police: Why did you go to the US on December 9, 2016?
Han Seo Hee: My company’s CEO asked me, “YG wants you to go abroad. What do you think?” When I delayed my flight due to personal reasons, YG rushed our company saying, “What are you doing not sending Seo Hee already?” So, I left on December 9.

The report includes text conversations between T.O.P and Han Seo Hee, supposedly showing that the two of them were continuing to meet up and use drugs. YG didn’t like that, as he needed the Big Bang comeback to go smoothly, so he reportedly sent her overseas during their promotions.

“A, who works with YG, came to visit us. A said, ‘YG would like (Seo Hee) to stay abroad during BIGBANG’s promotions.’ The company booked the flight and she stayed in the US until BIGBANG’s album promotions came to an end.” ㅡ Person affiliated with Han Seo Hee’s former agency

She later told police the timing of her trip wasn’t a coincidence.

Han Seo Hee also made a similar statement during her 2nd suspect interrogatory:
Police: You were in the US for approximately 3 months. Why were you there for so long?
Han Seo Hee: I was planning to leave on December 9, 2016, stay for about a month and return in early January of this year. On February 9, 2017, T.O.P enlisted in the military and my agency’s CEO told me to rest one or two months longer before returning. This is my opinion but I think they may have been planning to bring me back after T.O.P enlisted in the military.

Han Seo Hee leaving for America on December 9 is relevant because she was named by the drug dealer that was arrested on December 7, which explains why YG wanted her out of the country as soon as possible. After all, the scandal that happened could’ve blown up earlier and impacted Big Bang’s December 13 comeback. Remember, while TOP’s case was only revealed to the public in June of 2017, police were seemingly investigating his case as early as March of 2016.

The drugs themselves are not something I’m all that concerned about, but this story would certainly help establish YG as having a history of trying to cover up crimes (manipulating Han Seo Hee in particular) and would give Han Seo Hee’s testimony further credibility in regards to the alleged witness tampering in the B.I drug case.

YGE has responded to this report, denying that it’s true.

This is YG Entertainment. We announce statement of former executive producer Yang Hyun Suk in relation to today’s report by Dispatch. Firstly, we apologize for causing worry to many due to the continuous suspicions. All of the proposed suspicions including todays’ report by Dispatch are one-sided claims made by the informants and are not at all true. YG is refraining from responding to or releasing statements regarding these issues. This is because we believe the accurate facts will be closely revealed through the investigative institutes. We anticipate that the true facts of continuous false claims and suspicions will be revealed in the future. We kindly ask all journalists to refrain from spreading speculative reports any further.

A blanket denial, which might be for the best at this point considering giving specifics has seemingly only dug themselves a deeper hole in these messes.


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