LABOUM to hold audition for new member for Japanese activities

Five-member girl group LABOUM will be holding an audition to select a sixth member for their Japanese activities, and will take place through Rakuten LIVE, according to both NH Media and Rakuten LIVE.

On June 19, Rakuten LIVE announced that they will be holding an audition for the sixth member of the current five-member girl group. On the same day, LABOUM’s agency NH Media announced, “The new member will only be participating in [LABOUM’s] Japanese activities. The public announcements of the schedule and promotion will take place through ‘Rakuten LIVE.’ By holding an audition for a new member, we will blow energy into [LABOUM’s] full-fledged activities in Japan.”

The only other time I’ve seen this system attempted — a member just for Japanese promotions — was with Crayon Pop, and they abandoned ship on that idea in a hurry.

That eventuality would seem rather obvious since any audition winner would be an unknown to fans and would seemingly function mainly as a translator and somebody to take some of the burden of singing in Japanese more than anything real.

Sounds weird to say, but Yulhee‘s best career move was getting knocked up.


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