Hyosung wins contract termination lawsuit against TS Entertainment, who will also pay her over $115k

Hyosung left SECRET in early March and announced a contract termination lawsuit against TS Entertainment. In late March, she said that while she hasn’t been paid since 2015, she just wanted out of her contract. Months later in August, it was revealed that TSE was refusing to negotiate with her on a settlement, which proceeded to blow up spectacularly in their face, because in September the court suspended her contract with TSE and seemingly put her down the path to victory.

Today that victory was confirmed when the court ruled for Hyosung in the lawsuit against TSE, granting her a contract termination and also ordering the company to compensate her with ~$115,000 plus whatever court and legal fees she has accrued. The report doesn’t say anything about appeals, but one has to assume that they will follow.

Regardless, Hyosung has already moved on and signed with a new company late last month. Meanwhile, TSE continues to look worse and worse.


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