Hyori hangs out with Lee Jin in New York, which is an amazing title to write

Former FinKL members Hyori and Lee Jin seemed to make time to hang out with each other while both were in New York recently.

The two bandmates have been closer than ever since their emotional reunion on JTBC’s new reality show “Camping Club,” and their friendship seems to be going strong even outside of Korea. On August 14, Lee Jin shared a photo of herself hanging out with Lee Hyori in New York on Instagram. The former idol, who is currently residing in New York after getting married, wrote in the caption, “So great to meet up with our leader in New York.”

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s almost a miracle to me. Even Song Hye Kyo seemed to deem it worthy of acknowledgement.

Song Hye Kyo expressed her approval by commenting, “It really is great!” with a smiley emoticon.

Wonder what she knew, lol.

Anyway, rumors of discord between Hyori and the rest of FinKL were common, but especially prominent were those saying that she and Lee Jin didn’t get along in particular. Hyori didn’t exactly squelch this when she admitted that she and Lee Jin used to have hair-pulling cat fights.

Fortunately, it seems that the two of them can at the very least now pretend to get along so that FinKL can rake in the nostalgia coin. Progress!


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