Minty, who claimed to be 18 on ‘High School Rapper 2’, revealed to actually be 28

In stuff-I-regret-missing-while-sick news, a rapper named Minty from ‘High School Rapper 2‘ has been revealed to be lying about her age by about a decade in order to get on the show.

In fact, Minty’s agency addressed it in a statement due to rumors that she was actually 37.

“1. It is true that Minty is Sorina, Alpaca Production’s CEO and the producer of GSA. She has worked as a composer since a young age, and she started her company after receiving an investment offer. However, about two years ago, she entrusted the management of GSA to Roots Entertainment due to various issues and health problems, and she is currently running many companies in this method.
2. Currently, Minty is suffering from an eating disorder due to severe stress. Following support from her fans, she began to receive counseling beginning in October, but she is still unable to eat a regular meal.
3. Last year, Minty applied to “High School Rapper [2]” as a contestant born in the year 2002. At the time, Minty wanted to reveal her real age multiple times, but due to the internal situation and pressure, she had no choice but to stay silent. Minty was an unknown artist at the time, and it was a hopeless situation in which every opportunity was valuable. Minty has been suffering from the psychological burden of the situation everyday until now, and she’s currently receiving counseling.
4. Furthermore, Minty’s actual age is not 37, but 28 (26 in international reckoning). The misunderstanding about [Minty] being in her 30s seems to have occurred because she started producing since she was 24 (22 in international reckoning). This [rumor ] is clearly not true. Besides her age, every side of Minty has been genuine, and although the timing is different, everything in Minty’s lyrics comes from her own experience.”

I mean, it definitely sucks if she’s getting a ton of shit for this, as her “scandal” is honestly more amusing than anything in that she was so bold to pose as a high schooler just to get on a rap survival show. The hustle life is real, I guess.


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