Mnet tries to convince you that they won’t rig their shows in the future

In light of the producer of ‘Produce 48‘ and ‘Produce X 101reportedly admitting to rigging the results, the rest of their survival lineup being investigated, and Mnet executives reportedly next in line, Mnet went to the media and tried to present the argument for why you should believe them going forward.

On November 7, a source from Mnet told news outlet Star News, “‘World Klass,’ which is currently airing, does not have text message voting. Unlike the ‘Produce’ selection process, we are choosing [the members] through missions, expert evaluations, and V Live votes. [The identity of] the chosen member is announced every week.” They continued, “Out of the first 20 contestants, 10 trainees will debut. None of the contestants are trainees from [talent] agencies.” The official then spoke about how Mnet planned to improve its future audition programs. They explained, “The recent ‘Queendom’ and ‘Show Me the Money’ finales introduced an ‘observer system’ consisting of ordinary people and strangers overseeing the text votes to confirm the results. In the future, Mnet will introduce this observer system to carry out a fair system.” The official added, “Instead of using the ‘Produce’ system, ‘Teen Singer‘ (literal title), which is airing next year, will be utilizing a method that showcases the contestants’ talents.” The official finally stated, “In regard to the recent controversy caused by Mnet, we are sorry and reflecting [on the matter]. We think it is right to show another alternative in future programs.”

What are the chances the source is the producer of ‘World Klass‘, who already frantically distanced himself from this shit like a month ago?

Anyway, my prediction about the format of ‘Queendom‘ becoming more valuable in light of all this appears to actually have some merit, which does actually make sense considering what Mnet is facing right now. Though them acting like we can trust observers or experts or them tallying votes correctly is rich.


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