HyunA gets generous with gifts for her loyal fans + they get her the promo period she wants

HyunA recently made her comeback (and P Nation debut) with “Flower Shower“, and she also made news after accounts of the gifts she was giving to fans made their way around the Internet.

She included full products of quality brands as well as a handwritten note, saying, “I missed you a lot. I’ll work hard. See you often. <3

She also handed out Starbucks gift cards to fans waiting for her with a note saying that it’s cold outside so to go inside and stay warm.

Though fans then showed concern that she was spending so much on them, she addressed this as well.


“Well, I make a lot of money. Later on, when I don’t make as much money, I can’t do these things for you. I can only do these things for you when I make money. You won’t get much for me later on.”

Queen of redistributing the wealth.

To be fair, her fans also got her the longer promotional period she wanted.



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