Prosecution closes YG’s prostitution mediation case citing lack of evidence

Prosecution has closed the case of prostitution mediation against YG due to a lack of evidence, according to recent reports.

Previously, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division revealed plans to forward a recommendation of non-indictment for Yang Hyun Suk regarding suspicions of mediating prostitution. After the search and seizure investigation of YG Entertainment’s financial accounts, police sources revealed that while they found money transfers, there was not enough evidence to prove the prostitution mediation suspicions. Furthermore, although there was evidence that confirmed Yang Hyun Suk met with investors from Southeast Asia, there was no evidence that was directly connected to prostitution. According to legal sources on November 25, the Division of Crimes Against Women & Children of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office suspended the indictment of Yang Hyuk Suk on September 30 regarding the suspicion of mediating prostitution. The prosecution also suspended the indictment of the other people involved in the case, including Madam Jung and wealthy investor “A,” who were suspected to have mobilized women from entertainment establishments at the time.

So police did find evidence (which isn’t a surprise, considering) but nothing that was like a check written to YG that said “for the prostitutes” on it and thus they’re not going to push on.

I know I’ve sounded like a cynical broken record in these updates recently but I just didn’t want anybody to get their hopes up over a result coming because it wasn’t happening. If you want to believe that everything that happened before, during, or after these meetings was just a coincidence then that’s your prerogative, but it’s impossible to blame any reasonable person for thinking otherwise.

Like seriously, Kim Hak Eui was caught extremely innocently trying to escape the country (along with a whole bunch of other evidence) and was cleared recently, so trying to use the results of the justice system to completely exonerate anybody is just foolish, especially when a big part of the controversy was the authorities and politicians being involved in corruption.


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