B.I tests negative for drug use, though that was never really the issue

Former iKON member B.I has had a drug case ongoing and the most recent news is that he tested negative for drug use.

According to news outlet Sports World, B.I recently received his drug test results through the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. The police sent his body hair to the National Forensic Service to be examined, and no illegal drug substances were detected.

Why isn’t this the real issue then? Well for starters I don’t care about personal drug use for stuff like weed and LSD. But also, we’re talking about an incident from 2016 here, so all this shows is that he’s not currently using, especially since he reportedly admitted to some of the charges.

More to the point, the reason why it’s a controversy isn’t really because of B.I (IMO) so much as the debate on preferential treatment. Specifically questions about why it wasn’t properly investigated and whether there was a cover-up, with police just recently confirming that YG threatened the informant in the case.

As for B.I himself, it’s the same as before. Whether it’s buying drugs or using drugs or not, morally it’s a nothingburger to me and his text convos about him trying to get them just provide amusement. The thing to watch is also the same, which is questions about police corruption and witness intimidation.


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