WINNER’s Seungyoon unmasked after 6 impressive wins on ‘King Of Mask Singer’

Though I assumed many (all) fans knew about this by now, WINNER‘s Seungyoon was unmasked recently as “Chow Yun Fat” on King Of Masked Singer, notable because he had won a whopping six times, which is only one short of the record.

After his outing, he took to Instagram to talk about his time on the show.

On Instagram, Kang Seung Yoon wrote, “My sincere thanks to everyone who sent their love to Chow Yun Fat! It made me so happy to give people even a little bit of strength through my voice for a period of time! There were times when the crown was heavy and I was tired, but I was able to gain strength from the support of the viewers. Thank you very much! To all the production staff on ‘The King of Mask Singer,’ who help create beautiful performances behind-the-scenes! To the band and backup singers who helped my songs shine! To the panelists who said such kind things! I sincerely thank every one of you! It’s time for Chow Yun Fat to say goodbye, but I will return even better as WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon. Thank you to the Inner Circles, who didn’t make it obvious (?) and pretended they didn’t know (?) until the end.”

One of my favorites was his take on an old classic with Cho Yong Pil‘s “Bounce“, which unsurprisingly for my preferences, is one of the few songs with … well, bounce.

His run was long enough that it’s hard to post highlights in terms of the actual official clips, so here’s a fanmade one.

On the show, he also said he was preparing a solo album, but unfortunately, he’s under YG Entertainment and you know how they do with release plans.


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