Park Kyung’s defamation case forwarded to prosecution, Cube founder again offers support

Park Kyung’s defamation case, where he alleged multiple artists were participating in sajaegi, has been forwarded to prosecution with the recommendation to indict for defamation.

A police representative stated, “We concluded that Park Kyung had spread false information. We will forward the case to the prosecution this week, if early, or sometime next week at the latest.”

I believe a reminder that truth is not a defense for defamation in Korea applies here as well. Hell, even lawyers who seemed sympathetic to his cause said his case would be tough.

Regardless, given that we know sajaegi is going on and how it’s done, Park Kyung just comes off as a sacrificial lamb on a technicality here.

And that’s something Cube founder Hong Seung Sung alluded to recently.

Hello, this is Hong Seung Sung. I am writing for the first time in a while. Today’s post is about Park Kyung. I hope that Park Kyung will have strength. I think that under the pretext of viral marketing, competition will become more intense now. I think that this sort of thing must not happen again. The truth will come out someday.

This case is especially interesting because evidence of one of the artists Park Kyung named being involved was provided to authorities already and, perhaps most telling, people in the industry have come out in support of him.

Amusingly, this is becoming this gen’s #EverybodyKnows.


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