B.S (Black Swan), DR Music’s upcoming girl group, reveals 5-member lineup

With Rania seemingly dead for a while now, it was a mystery what would happen to the former members who were still under the company, but Hyeme suddenly left a note recently that she would be redebuting in a girl group named B.S, which is short for Black Swan.

Now DR Music has revealed the full lineup at a ceremony for them to be
ambassadors of Pyeongchang. It’s a five-member girl group, including one Brazilian/Japanese member and one Senegalese member.

Fatou (Senegalese) – Was a model.
Leia (Brazilian/Japanese) – Former RaNia from 2019.
Judy (Korean) – Dunno.
Youngheun (Korean) – Former Stellar member for about six months from 2017 to 2018 and then RaNia from 2019.
Hyeme (Korean) – The member with the longest ties as she’s a former RaNia member dating back to 2015.

People have every reason to be skeptical about DR Music, but I’d definitely like to see what they have this time around. Hopefully they can do right by a group once.


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