Ahn Ji Young (BOL4) tells Woo Ji Yoon to contact her if she has something to say

The drama between the former duo BOL4 has been unnecessarily drawn-out and messy, with Ahn Ji Young finally being honest about things for once and Woo Ji Yoon replying. Ahn Ji Young recently replied again, essentially saying that she’s done with this now and she’s mad that it went public.

I was hurt that I first heard about her wanting to quit BOL4 from the label rather than directly from her. It’s true that we planned to continue promoting as BOL4 until our concert even after she decided she was going to leave. However, since the conclusion had already been decided, I felt that we would not be able to promote our album together because I didn’t want to make our final album as BOL4 without sincere feelings. During discussions about her departure, I said that it would be better if she ended her promotions, and she agreed with me. She also said that she would give due respect to my opinions. That’s why I said on TV that I think I did the best I could for both of us. I do not want the public to misunderstand our situation. After this period, I do not want to talk about our situation any longer. I thought this was a problem we could resolve between the two of us, and I’m very upset that it has gone this far. If you have something left to say to me, then don’t ignore me and contact me.



I’m not sure who technically started it, but I do know this is kinda ironic given that it would’ve died off if she just left it at Woo Ji Yoon’s denial that “Dodo” was about her.


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