Jessica’s debut novel ‘Shine’ doesn’t seem to be all that subtle at least

Jessica’s book Shine, that is totally about this Rachael Kim girl and not her, is apparently out already for review but they didn’t give my prestigious publication and bastion of journalism a review copy, for shame. Regardless, based on early reviews it seems like things get spicy, and this Instagram Story profile of Rachael that Jessica posted and then deleted certainly doesn’t make it seem all that subtle.

Folks, she likes “loyalty” and dislikes “sabotage”. No idea what that could possibly be alluding to.

What’s that you ask? Does the rest of it happen to coincidentally apply to Jessica as well? Sure seems like it.

So, uh, definitely seems like it’s gonna be a mess determining what may and may not have happened to Rachael Kim to a real-life idol that we will never know the identity of.


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