Block B’s Park Kyung fined for defamation over sajaegi tweets but #EverybodyKnows

Back in November of 2019, Block B member Park Kyung tweeted out sajaegi accusations against a half dozen artists, all of whom immediately sued him. Recently it was decided that he would be fined ~$4000 for his tweets.

On September 17, the courts reported that the Seoul Eastern District Court had issued a fine of 5 million won (approximately $4,200) to Park Kyung, who was summarily indicted with violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (i.e. defamation) on September 11. A summary indictment is a procedure in which a court reviews documents and imposes sentences without a formal trial in less severe cases where a fine would be the punishment.

In a rational world, this would get fandoms to see how silly online defamation can end up being and get them to stop cheering their faves taking action, but of course there will be no reflection on that.

Still, he likely accomplished something at least by getting multiple people to speak out in his support and even getting a whistleblower to step forward and corroborate his claims. Still, this ruling is exactly why more aren’t honest like he was, cause I guarantee he wasn’t the only one thinking that.

Unfortunately, he was always fighting an uphill battle here, so I’m at least glad he is this generation of fans #EverybodyKnows.


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