Obsessed with Bae Jin Young & Kim Yo Han remaking Shin Seung Hun’s “I Believe” (‘My Sassy Girl’) into an upbeat summer track for Pepsi

Not much can surprise me nowadays, but one recent release did. The film ‘My Sassy Girl’ was one of the pieces of media that really got me into Korean entertainment for good, and Shin Seung Hun’s ballad (yes, the ballad) “I Believe” always resonated me as the emotional core of the film. So imagine my surprise when I opened Bae Jin Young and Kim Yo Han’s Pepsi commercial song “I Believe” and got an upbeat summer remake of it, complete with rap.

Honestly, it wasn’t all that bad before the rap was added for seemingly no reason.

Overall, it’s just confusing, like how was this choice settled upon? Setting the lyrics to scenes of two dudes go-karting and shit is fucking amazing, and like why would Pepsi want this to be their commercial? So many questions, man. I need an oral history of this boardroom decision.

I love it just for being so bizarre.


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