DR Music to take legal action against Hyeme’s fraud accuser for sexual harassment, Hyeme leaves Black Swan

Hyeme was recently sued by an anonymous acquaintance for allegedly “scamming” him out of ~$45,000 by taking loans and not repaying. Now DR Music is taking legal action against the accuser for sexual harassment, intimidation, and defamation.

On November 10, DR Music issued a statement addressing the claims with quotes from Hyeme herself. The statement refers to Hyeme as a former member of Black Swan and shares that she has appointed DR Music’s legal advisor to take legal action against A for intimidation, sexual harassment, and defamation due to the spread of malicious false information. DR Music went on to share that the agency also decided to take all possible legal action against A and the news outlet that first published a report for obstruction of business and defamation, and for a correction to the report, describing that it had a terrible impact on Black Swan’s promotions. DR Music stated, “We are very taken aback by the unexpected case of Hyeme’s fraud lawsuit. We are very sorry for the unintended controversy.” They added, “After checking with Hyeme, we have found that the facts were distorted in the first report and there were many parts that were extremely exaggerated.”

Hyeme then responded directly.

Hyeme said through DR Music, “First, I apologize for doing a disservice to the agency and fans due to my careless behavior.” She then said that rather than meeting through social media, A and Hyeme had met when she was briefly a broadcast jockey on afreecaTV and he had supported her with many “star balloons” (monetary donations). She explained, “I met him out of gratitude, with no other meaning to it. However, A came to the officetel where I was staying and told me while drinking alcohol that he wanted to be my boyfriend and made excessive requests, such as requesting sex, and so I had to avoid him. Apart from the borrowing of 5 million won, most things were voluntarily provided by A himself. This includes the credit card as well. He invaded my privacy by coming to my home without even contacting me, but I did not agree to his sexual requests.” She continued, “Also, I clearly expressed my intention to pay back the borrowed 5 million won after November, and I avoided contact with him because I was scared as a woman about continued requests for sex or suggestions that we meet up. I never committed fraud or avoided him out of malicious intent. Since our promotions began, I can’t ‘disappear’ anyway. I will reveal all the details of the truth through the lawsuit.” Hyeme stated, “I will not stand for how he described me as a strange woman by saying that I used the officetel to meet men for secret dates. I have a witness and evidence that will prove this is not true.”

Well … I can’t say I’m surprised. Again, I’m always skeptical of these dudes who they meet through streams or whatever else, because there’s always some other angle that’s happening when they’re dropping thousands on these women and it’s difficult to believe it was out of the goodness of their hearts or something.

Should be interesting to see what turns up in the end, but it certainly tracks in terms of behavior for creepy simps, basically.


Then there’s the odd step that Hyeme will leave Black Swan and DR Music as her contract is up.

DR Music also wrote that Hyeme is no longer under the agency, explaining that she had been under contract as a member of Rania since 2015 and her contract ended on November 7 after promoting with Black Swan for their debut song. They continued, “Although the company has no duty to respond since this is a personal matter, we are going to actively help Hyeme. This irresponsible malicious report tarnished a project that had been launched after so much effort, but we will not stand idly by.” The agency added that Black Swan is temporarily halting their official activities as of November 11.

I’m sure this is possible, but you’d have to color me skeptical that this was the plan all along. Normally I would immediately call bullshit because it makes zero sense, but I no longer underestimate DR Music’s incompetence, so it might be plausible that they were gonna let the member with the most popularity leave after the debut.


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