Otsuka Ai’s “Sakuranbo” is relevant to me again thanks to 2 buff Korean dudes dancing in one pair of pants

Otsuka Ai’s 2004 hit single “Sakuranbo” has recently seen a bit of a revival of popularity in certain (degenerate) circles recently. Apparently like six months ago, a TikTok social media person Park Min Jeong posted a cutesy cover of the song and it sorta blew up on the platform, specifically the thumb motion is utilized.

Apparently this led to people becoming aware of the song and using it or requesting it in different formats.

That gets us to the reason I’m aware of it, mainly because these buff streamer dudes did this as part of a reward for a donation.

There are probably around 5 people who care about this, but as an old Otsuka Ai fan, it’s so random and fun and literally anybody who gets to know about it is a plus, really.

Also listen to “Planetarium” while you’re here.

Also, since apparently Junsu started the ball rolling down this path back in 2019 by giving it attention, especially in Korea, and just because it’s awesome, here is his cover.


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