Oh My Girl Seunghee’s classmate says TANK acted similarly years ago, another classmate backs story

Following WM Entertainment stating they would take action against producer TANK for his obsessive harassment towards Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, a former classmate of both who is currently a musical actress revealed that TANK had done similar to her in the past as well.

A former classmate of Seunghee recently stepped up to share that she too, had been a victim of TANK (legal name Ahn Jin Woong). She revealed that her name was Sooeun and she had been in the same class as Seunghee all through high school. TANK had been a senior at their high school. The classmate had met TANK through her then-boyfriend, who introduced her to TANK. It was after that, where things took a turn. “He was my boyfriend’s senior, so we got along closely while greeting each other. At one point of time, I broke up with my boyfriend. Then, I was having it hard and Ahn Jin Woong senior encouraged me lots. Our contact frequency increased as he gave me advice on music. He would also send me his composed songs through video and ask me for my opinion. We exchanged contact with that sort of amiable content, but one day, he told me that he liked me and also tried to get physical with me. However, I rejected, and kept my distance even though he kept expressing his interest in me. “

The similarities matched down to him releasing songs related to the woman.

In the same year, TANK released his album, As a singer, and Sooeun revealed that his tracklist spelled out her name when one reads out the first column vertically. Sooeun continued that the contents of the lyrics were describing his actions towards her and she felt scared, shocked, and terrified by him. Although 10 years have passed, she still remembers it vividly. Sooeun revealed that she decided to write the post as TANK has not reflected on his actions even after 10 years, and it seemed that he was acting out more severely towards Seunghee. She hopes her post will help Seunghee.

Another classmate backed her story.

Another classmate, Jisoo, also revealed that she had been their class representative and hence counselled Sooeun while she went through that tough period. Jisoo also revealed that as Sooeun had not accepted TANK, TANK had gone around badmouthing her to others with falsehoods.

Meanwhile, TANK appears to be trying to play it off, making a chat for his antis.

Due to the hot attention that everyone has been giving me, I’ve made an anti-fan open talk room. Come and relieve your stress~ The password is LOVETANK. (link here) Or you can search up TANK Anti-Fan Open Talk instead.

The fact that he’s apparently been doing this for a decade now and that he appears to be escalating isn’t the best of signs. There didn’t really need to be follow-up confirmation to the other story as that was damning in itself, but this certainly makes things more disturbing at least and hopefully the company is keeping an eye out for Seunghee at this point.


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