SME & MGM team up to launch American audition program to form NCT Hollywood

Just yesterday I thought it was rather laughable that HBO Max was giving CJ E&M an audition show in Latin America to make a boy group, but boy did that get blown out of the water quickly.

Today comes news that SM Entertainment and MGM Television will be teaming up for an audition show that will form NCT Hollywood.

On May 6, American media outlets The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline reported that SM Entertainment and MGM Worldwide Television Group had partnered to create a K-pop audition program in the United States. The program’s goal is to launch a K-pop group that will focus its promotions in the United States. The new group will be a sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s group NCT, which operates under the concept of having no fixed limit for members and having fluid membership between sub-units. The group currently has 23 members and sub-units such as NCT 127, NCT U, NCT DREAM, and WayV. The new sub-unit will be called NCT-Hollywood and the audition program will recruit American males aged 13-25. The contestants will compete in dancing, singing, and styling in a “bootcamp training” concept that will take place in Seoul at the SM campus, and it is reported that the current NCT members will participate as judges and mentors.

I’m just kind of in shock right now, and like with the other show, my initial reaction is to laugh about it. That said, will I cover the show if it looks entertaining enough? Never say never, and I guess that’s sorta what they’re banking on.

Look man, I’m not saying I want this, but I’m imagining a world where we’re saying “EXP Edition paved the way!” and laughing my ass off.


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