Asian Boss conduct street interviews regarding recent feminist backlash in Korea

While feminism in Korea has been a hot topic for arguably years now, it has come back into the spotlight again recently due to reactionaries getting mad over the pinching hand gesture, which is about as silly as it sounds. Regardless, Asian Boss did street interviews about the issue and about feminism in Korea at large that I thought was worthwhile.

Hopefully I can explain things in good faith without getting yelled at, but at least in terms of perception radical feminism is feminism in Korea. This is likely due to the overwhelming media coverage focused on that aspect of it, because it’s sensational and attention grabbing, and thus it’s not exactly as easy for celebrities (or any women) to come out and declare their beliefs like it is in the West. It’s hard not to think that blurring of the lines is intentional from the power structures in place, as muddying the waters and getting the public to equate it less with equal rights and more with hating men leads to people leaning more towards the status quo, as you can see in the video, even from women.

While this was interesting, I’d like to see Asian Boss interview people from the radical feminist groups, men’s rights groups, and also people with moderate beliefs. Obviously all these things can only be anecdotal, but it’s always nice to hear from actual people instead of polls or news stories.


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